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Hello, and Welcome to my Site

I've been passionate about creating and conducting rituals and ceremonies for years - for individuals, groups and myself.

At one point I was simply dreaming about performing marriage ceremonies, yet now I am delighted to have been a marriage celebrant for over 10 years.

I am a true believer in creating a vision and watching it come to fruition.

It is all about intention.

I have studied both African and Native American ritual traditions. I am also a water-pourer in a sweat lodge community, as well as a pipe-carrier.

In addition, I'm available to design and create personal ritual objects.

Please contact me with questions. My fees are negotiable, depending on the amount of time we spend together with planning, in addition to my travel time.

Joanne Mahler
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Wedding Services

Celebrating marriages is truly an honor for me, and I do not have a set wedding fee.

As we meet to discuss your plans, and I perhaps help you write your vows, we will become acquainted in a unique manner as you move toward this very important day.

That said, I leave my fee up to you. I have previously been paid in the range from $100 - $350 for my services.


I am available to help you with your wedding vows.

Many couples write their own vows, yet some others need or want suggestions. I can either write them for you, or send you a document with several sets of vows from which you can choose.

Sometimes simply seeing written vows will give you an idea for writing your own.


  • Ritual Objects
  • Displaying Ritual Tools Before the Beginning of a Ritual
  • Greeting the Sun Ritual
  • Lighting Center Candle to Enter Sacred Space
  • Refining Energy with Chimes Before Begining a Ritual
  • Leading a Fire Circle

Below is a list of various rituals and ceremonies that I have created and presented in the past. I am confident that I can design a personal ritual for you, or work with you to create whatever type of ceremony you might want in your life. We can work from your home, or another location of your choosing.

  • Marriage Ceremony
  • Commitment Ceremony
  • Memorial/Eulogy
  • Welcoming Babies to the World
  • Closure on a Relationship
  • Transition Rituals: losing a relationship, house, job, etc.
  • Celebration Rituals: new job, engagement, pregnancy, etc.
  • Grief Ritual
  • New Moon Circle
  • Solstice and Equinox Circles
  • House Blessing
  • House Clearing
  • Greet the Sun Ritual
  • Pipe Ceremony
  • Available to pour sweat lodges

Hand Crafted Ritual Objects

decorated shell with feathers
ritual object with beads, feathers and fringe
object with feathers and beads
turtle shell rattle
ritaul object with feathers


Joanne, what can we say about the ceremony except thank you, and you have a calling. It could not have been more perfect. You set a beautiful tone and your attention to detail was right on, but so relaxed that things just flowed. We received numerous compliments about how unique and spiritual it was.

~ Marilee and Ed

What a delight to have chosen Joanne to work with in the preparation and celebration of our wedding. She listened to our hopes and ideas, included the readings and vows we had chosen and guided us in co-creating a ceremony that was memorable, loving and spiritual in the most harmonious blend. With both laughter and tears, we could not have asked for anyone more perfect for our very special day!

~ Peggy Geolat

Joanne is so amazing! When we met to discuss our wedding plans, she truly heard what we wanted; she gave us many options and offered several ideas, but still gave us the opportunity to write and plan as much of the ceremony as we felt comfortable with. When Joanne came out to the ceremonial site to look at land, we discussed the plans and the fact that there would be many people with different religious backgrounds and we wanted everyone to feel included and comfortable. We left confident, knowing that we were heard and our wishes were going to be fulfilled. The day of the wedding she really held the space in a calm and grounded way, and made everyone feel totally comfortable and at ease. Everyone commented on how lovely the ceremony was and how much they really felt like they were a part of our special day.

~ Katie & Dan Caldera

We were looking for a someone who would honor our wishes for a non-traditional wedding ceremony while keeping it familiar enough for more traditional family members in attendance. We found the perfect person in Joanne. She helped us design the perfect ceremony combining elements of a hand fasting and elements of a more traditional wedding. Guests were commenting for months later about how different and beautiful our wedding was!

~ Abbie & Bill Hausel

In 2009, Joanne performed our wedding ceremony. We chose Joanne because the strength of her spirit, her wisdom and personality always seem to shine from her heart. From speaking to us beforehand regarding what we envisioned to the actual ceremony, Joanne did not disappoint. Five years later, we were guests at the wedding of a friend, and another guest who had attended our wedding mentioned to us their memory of how special and moving they felt it was when Joanne had performed our wedding. You are certainly going to be blessed by the energy of this wonderful woman if you too have her perform your ceremony.

~ Kate and Sheldon Korlin

I have known Joanne for ten years! During this time Joanne has done two house blessings, clearings, and my last wedding. I know Joanne to be a spiritual woman with honor, respect, and integrity. I highly recommend Joanne to be of service to you!

~ Dennis Largent

One never wants to think about preparing a memorial service for someone they love, especially when it is your child, a young adult who is gone entirely too soon. When our daughter, Erica, passed away, we thought hard about the message and the feeling we wanted the service to invoke. Joanne Mahler's name immediately came to mind. Joanne requested reflections on Erica's life and attributes, and wove those throughout her message. Her message was spiritual, practical, and heartfelt. The biggest gifts of the message was it that it was not just a service to remember who Erica was, rather, we were challenged to think of what she taught us in life and death. Joanne's message provided a profound balance of Erica's gifts and our loss. We are grateful to Joanne for helping to lead us through our grief journey.

~ Sue and Dave

Buying a home together was such a special moment for us. Joanne's Home Blessing Ritual was the perfect way for us to celebrate it in a sacred and joyful way. She took our needs and wants into account, and tailored the ritual in a way that spoke to who we are, and what we wanted to create in our new home. Years later, we still reflect on that day, and are grateful for her guidance and blessing.

Always with love and gratitude,
~ Aileen

Rituals for me provide some sort of closure and healing. We were moving from a house we had lived in for 38 years. Two children were brought home to this haven and 5 grandchildren had also been nurtured there. Joanne created a ritual to gather all the energy from that home and also, to choose a tangible object for each of us to keep as a reminder. It was a true blessing for all of us, and one of those events that would stay etched into our consciousness forever. We each left feeling an emotional release, and with an object that reminded us of all the events that had happened in that space - but most of all with a reminder of all the love we had shared.

~ Gordon Bisher

Joanne helped my husband and me develop a ritual for the night before our son was married at an intimate wedding in Costa Rica. We were able to celebrate the years of the couple leading up to a blessing as they separated for the last time before they were married. The ritual continued as the men supported my son and the women supported his wife to be in separate locales. The ritual Joanne assisted us with was deeply touching to all involved. I'm so grateful that she contributed to this evening of blessings and celebration.

~ Kathy